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Our mission is to educate the whole child with Bible-based instruction that empowers and prepares them for a Christ-centered future.  RCS proudly teaches the Abeka curriculum.


Please click the link below to view the curriculum.


Our students will…

• Be instructed in Bible based curriculum

• Be encouraged to pursue spiritual development

• Conduct themselves with Biblical moral integrity

• Be taught to defend Creation and yet understand the theory of evolution

• Practice Biblical Values

• Utilize critical thinking and encourage others to find solutions to problems

• Be encouraged to seek wisdom in decision making

• Practice servant-leadership in all settings

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our staff

mrs. Westmark.png
Mrs. Holland (2).png
Mrs. Stacey (1).png
Mrs. Sparks (1).png
Mrs. Frost (Facebook Post (Landscape)).png
Mrs. Miller (4).png
Mr. Miller (2).png
Mrs. Coney and Mrs. Reagan (2).png
Meet the Teacher Senor Denato (2).png
Mrs. Allison (2).png
Meet the Teacher Mckenzie (2).png
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Mr. Carlson (3).png
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