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Tuition may be divided into a 10 month payment plan or 12 month payment plan. Tuition billing is done in advance.  

All accounts are expected to remain current. Payments are due 30 days after the invoice is issued. In order for students to begin the school year, their Initial Payment (due July 20th) and September tuition payment (due August 20th) must be paid as well as any outstanding payments from the previous school. Should tuition be unpaid 45 days after the due date, your child or children may be unable to attend school until payments become current. It is essential that you communicate with the administration before your account gets to this point. 

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24/25 Tuition

Half-day Preschool $3,250 /yr

Kindergarten – 12th grade $5,450 /yr 


  • How is this different than public school?
    Riverview Christian School’s mission is to educate students in Service, Relationships, and Academics. Our students will be… Expected to demonstrate a servant’s heart Expected to assist in keeping our facilities clean Encouraged to apply biblical principles to all relationships Encouraged to pray in every setting Inspired to push themselves in academic achievement Educated in biblical truth and academic rigor
  • How much will it cost to send my child to this school?
    Half-day Preschool $3,250/YR Kindergarten – 12th grade $5450/YR
  • What will a typical day look like for students?
    Students will attend Riverview Christian School in a 5 day model, Monday - Friday.
  • When does school start? end? Holidays?
    Sept 19, 2023 is the first day for students. The week prior is a teacher prep week. One week is given for Thanksgiving Break, two weeks for Christmas Break, and one week for Spring Break. Last day is June 9th, 2023.
  • How big will the class sizes be?
    It is our intention to have no more than 25 students per teacher. There will be some variance in that due to age level enrollment, but every effort will be made to keep class sizes under the maximum.
  • Is this school only for families that attend Riverview Christian Fellowship?
    Although this ministry is designed to serve the needs of the body at Riverview Christian Fellowship, enrollment and attendance is not limited to RCF families only. Preference will be given to families in regular attendance at RCF if enrollment reaches suggested maximum class sizes.
  • Is Riverview Christian School going to feed my child?
    No, currently we do not have the ability to provide a cafeteria/school lunch option for students. Therefore, ALL FULL DAY students will need to bring their own lunch from home. Please be creative with lunchboxes! #bringbackcoollunchboxes Preschoolers will have time for a mid-class snack (consult your preschool teacher on snack day sign-ups).
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